Money is Sacred

mocha momentsRead this in a blog post this morning and I realized that it wasn’t sitting well.

TTdollars newsgovttMoney is sacred.

I kept repeating it. There seemed to be no space in my psyche holding this thought.

Money has been associated with so many bad stories…

People living their lives for money – who’d do anything for it…steal it, use it to control others, gamble with it, buy favors, kill for it, become bitter because of it.

But I’m opening up my heart to embrace this new thought: Money is Sacred.

In Leonie Dawson’s post about Sacred Pricing she says that money is the manifestation of energy. There needs to be an exchange of energy whenever you provide a service. That energy comes to you in the form of money.

Money is sacred.

I’m sitting with this thought in the week ahead. I’ll probably write more about what unfolds for me. Who knows, I might even have a breakthrough or three!

How do you feel about money?


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