Unblock and Unlock

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I’m reading Eric Liu’s ‘Guiding Lights’ at the moment. It’s about the people who lead us to our purpose in life – which I think is actually MY purpose. Not to TELL you WHAT your purpose is but to help you discover it – discover yourself, your gifts. Only when you are YOU will you SEE your gifts.

I thought I’d share Eric’s chapter called CHORALE 2 – Unblock, Unlock. It’s a short chapter but packs a powerful punch!

“What keeps so many people from learning – learning anything – is not their ineptitude or deficits of talent. It is their insecurity. They fear failure and humiliation. They cannot imagine that growth or change could be possible and they live down to their expectations.”

I wept after reading this because it’s so true. I know it for myself and I know that insecurity, low self-esteem, no self worth is holding so many of us back. We’ve become as Darren Hardy shared in a recent SUCCESS audio – Over motivated – underachievers. Sad.

But there’s hope – hope for everyone willing to step out in faith with the help of teachers. We are all teaching something – helping one another, to grow, to learn and to become. Don’t get caught up in the title. We have all been called to serve. HOW we serve is different but we are serving nonetheless.

Eric says:

“Powerful teachers have a decongestant effect, clearing clogged heads of mental blocks and maladaptive self images. We teach students to see the obstacles their undernourished or over-nourished egos have put in their own paths. We teach them how to take inventory of their fears and delusions and in the process demystify them. We train them to believe that anxiety about not having the “right stuff” is always misplaced – that the stuff we are made of is, in truth, stuff we can make more of. This happens subtly, usually invisibly. When we do these things well, we may not have much that is tangible to show for our efforts. All we will have done is make it possible for someone to learn.”

Eric Liu has definitely been a guiding light for me.

Now I understand that as a teacher I’m not just sharing information or teaching people things they don’t know. That’s not where I need to start anyway. I need to help them remove the blocks and obstacles and clear the path for someone to start their learning process.

Where are you struggling?

Where do you feel stuck?

What are you hiding behind that’s keeping you back?

I’d love to hear from you. Call me on 1-868-750-7859 or email me giselle@gisellehudson.com whenever you FEEL ready and only if it feels right to you.

But be encouraged. Don’t try to prove your worthiness by trying to do it on your own.



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