Throw Open the Prison Door & Liberate the Captive!

mocha moments

Freedom is coming to a body near you! Could be today – it’s up to you!

It often starts with a spark – an idea – a BIG dream.

A day goes by…still excited

“This is good…this is going to be so frickin’ good” you say to yourself.

You smile.

And then you share the idea – you take the tiny seedling

And put it into the hands of someone who prefers the vast grey of concrete

To the rich possibilities of colorful ideas

With a quick fold of the hand your idea is strangled…not by its birth mother/father

But by a colleague, friend, supervisor, boss, co-worker, aunt, uncle, stranger

It doesn’t matter

See what you’ve done?

You’ve allowed someone else to take your power and grind it into nothing

But that is an illusion.

There’s more of that power inside of you

You just have to reach in, tap in, align with

And let it surge forth from captivity

Go on…

Do it.


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