Naked Honesty

mocha momentsa.k.a the BARE truth

Just started reading The Culture Game by Dan Mezic.

Rob Richman gives an intro.

Loved how he explained what happens when we are more committed to staying as we are versus making THE CHANGE:

“My favorite book on personal organization is Getting Things Done by David Allen. And let me tell you, the first time I read it I hated it. The second time I read it, I got it. And the third time I read it, I wanted to get organized. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was more committed to keeping my life as it was, and all the comforts that came with it, than really taking on a deep change.”

Honestly is a word used to0 easily these days:

“Honestly this is not for me, not my fault, not my day, not my year, not my responsibility.”

Marlene Chism (who by the way is putting on an excellent FREE teleseminar on March 20th 2013) in a sobering post Critical Thinking and Truth Telling Leads to Clarity says: “Wise leaders take responsibility and look first at the role they play and what they need to learn. If the first answer to any problem blames someone else, there’s some inner work to be done and that includes setting an example of what it means to live from a place of personal responsibility.”

She elaborates:

  • It’s easier to believe you have a lousy employee than to admit you are unclear.
  • It’s easier to think your co-worker is uncaring than to ask for what you want.
  • It’s easier to perceive that someone is trying to take advantage of you than to learn how to set boundaries.
  • It is easier to view someone as incompetent than it is to initiate a difficult conversation.
  • It’s easier to think there’s not enough time than to learn how to delegate, delete, or prioritize.

And  it’s easier to trash a book, give it a poor rating, claim that the author didn’t tell you anything new or share anything earth shattering. Much easier than admitting that you much prefer to stay in your comfort zone, no matter how uncomfortable that might be at the moment.

Ahhhhhhhhhh…….naked honesty. OUCH!


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