You are Capable

mocha moments

We all need to be reminded that once we activate our creative power we can follow through on any plan, idea or purpose.

We need to stop the insane thinking that keeps us constantly looking for more information, wasting countless hours scouring the Internet. Like Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors “Feed me! Feed me! Feed me! Feed me, Seymour” – we have insatiable appetites – letting perfection haunt us. Not raising that next foot until we’re convinced it’s a sure thing. And it’s never a sure thing!

We spend time getting READY to work and talking about ALL the things we have to do without taking any action.

We plan but never follow though

We deliberately let things get ‘out of hand’ and single- handedly sabotage ourselves just to prove some point that we aren’t good enough, deserving of…or “this just wasn’t our time.”

Today I think you – yes YOU! You need to hear these words…simply that you’re capable. Forget all the other toxic beliefs that you might be harboring about yourself. Know that you’re capable and simply take the next logical – no scratch that – TAKE THE NEXT CRAZY STEP! You know the one I’m talking about – Go on…TAKE IT!





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