Don’t be so Stubborn about Changing your Mind

mocha moments

To change ones mind about a person, an approach, a direction means to admit that perhaps we were wrong about the choice we made. Rather than quickly jump off the path we’re on – to another; rather than cut a completely NEW path – we plod on, wanting to prove ourselves RIGHT.

We’re often equally stubborn about how we see other people. We create our own story about them without their collaboration and when they show us a different side to themselves, we make excuses for their behavior versus simply accepting who they are.

It appears that the pain of being WRONG is greater us than the pain we may experience if we simply change our mind.

Do you think your life would change drastically if you weren’t so stubborn about changing your mind?

How much time do you think you spend in the comfort of sticking to your guns?

How much faster do you think you would get to where you wanted to go if you were flexible enough to accept that perhaps THE WAY isn’t working and you need to choose another?



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