Experience Being Alive!

mocha momentsHave you ever felt “off key”, off-centered, not like yourself?

Usually when I feel like this I take a nap or just sit quietly and breathe.

Whenever there is uneasiness it means that we have disconnected from ourselves.

We feel most alive when we are talking about ideas, sharing things that excite us and putting those ideas into action. Manifestation is the ultimate reward but the journey towards whatever we want to birth is the real deal. The doing, the problem solving, the obstacles, the new routes we need to take and most of all the refreshing discoveries that are made – revealed only when we start the journey.

There is a paragraph that I want you to contemplate from Mastering Life’s Energies by Maria Nemeth PhD which totally describes your brand essence. So if you have been looking to DEVELOP your brand or CREATE a brand you’re wasting time and energy because it is already within you.

The ideas, dreams, and goals that inspire us speak clearly of the contributions we are here to make – that only WE can make. Tuning in to them we experience clarity and energy. Listening to them we see inside us that which is already WHOLE and COMPLETE, just waiting to be expressed.

Note the last line…waiting to be expressed, not FOUND. Your being here is the answer to a need that only YOU can fulfill.



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