How to Quickly Get Back on Track with the FLOW System

mocha momentsI was determined to turn this around.

I’d had one bad experience after another with FLOW Trinidad and Tobago, culminating in today’s experience when I tried to take my concerns to someone who could DO something about my situation!


Not ever someone who likes to talk – for talk sake, I really wondered how I could remain joyful after literally CHOKING on my saliva when the receptionist told me that she could not transfer my call for me to handle things myself. I felt defeated. I thought that I just might be able to help others based on my situation but obviously this was pointless. I was fighting a losing battle. I sat with my journal open, pen in hand, trying to find something good out of my experience and then the following came to me and I wrote it down:

F – Feel      L – Learn      O – Own      W – Work

And then I put it to the test. My day was not going to plan and my FLOW experience didn’t help things along – what did I have to lose?

What was I feeling in the moment?  I wrote everything down

What can I learn? What is there for me to see about this situation that I may not be seeing yet? What is important or meaningful to me about this event or circumstance?

Next I needed to own why I had allowed myself to derail. I jotted down – in order for my life to change, I must change and I must change it. If I don’t express my gifts I feel unfulfilled and insignificant…without purpose. Only when I’m making a valuable contribution, influencing and inspiring lives or preparing to do so,  do I feel WHOLE.

Work – what do I need to work on next to demonstrate my willingness to feel WHOLE?

And that brought me to sharing this with you today – what I have decided to call the FLOW System™ proving Romans 8: 28 right that ALL things do work together for GOOD – we just have to look for it!



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