Everyday we need to remember WHO WE ARE and what are our intentions

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About one week ago, I put together a manifesto to be referred to daily. On page 1 I described:

my purpose – to show entrepreneurs that LIFE and BUSINESS can be BETTER and better than they’ve come to expect; that they can overcome under-earning and create a business that aligns with WHO they are and HOW they want to live

my 3 passions – education, business and making money

& my main premise: When you treat your life as if it were a business that you need to manage, when you begin to master and manage the brand called you, then you will achieve great success (however YOU CHOOSE to define that success.)

I also included my intentions for 2014, some affirmations about money, a list of my deepest desires and a reminder that the more resources I have:

  1. the more choices I can make that will benefit both myself and the world
  2. the more freedom I have to choose how to use my time
  3. the more time I can invest in mastering my gifts
  4. the more value I can contribute to others

Why do we need to have this written down and *gasp* refer to it daily? Because we forget. And in these times of uber-distraction we NEED the anchor. It’s so easy to lose focus, to go down different rabbit holes that most times have nothing to do with what we SAY we intend to do;to feel overworked underpaid because our efforts almost never match our results.

We also forget that we are extraordinary and capable of success on our terms as any other person on this planet. With 24 hour television and a 360 degree view of the lifestyles of those we call ‘rich and famous’ we have a tendency to minimize our own brilliance.

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning reminds us that we are destined to be as great (but no greater) as we CHOOSE to believe we are.

Andrea Scher, creator of a Superhero life, shared her own experiences with reminding herself of WHO she was. “When I was in my early twenties (and just starting to paint and sell my work) I lived in Santa Barbara with my dear friend Chris. I was in a fearful place around money, my talents and my ability to make a go at a creative life. My inner critics were having a field day. I’ll never forget when Chris stopped me, looked in my eyes and said (more frustrated than I had ever heard him), “When are you going to take for granted that you’re an artist? And start creating from there? Stop trying to prove it!”

We need to take Chris’s advice: STOP TRYING TO PROVE YOURSELF! Instead remind yourself daily of WHO YOU ARE: More than a conqueror and destined for OVERWHELMING victory!

If you’re feeling a little disenchanted and need some guidance back to your true self then download my FREE e-guide here. [Scroll down to the bottom third of the page under the heading *Solutions Include* ] When you rediscover yourself, everything else follows. Would love to hear about you – what’s your business about? What do you want your prosperity to look like this year? If you’re feeling stuck, struggling and not earning what you think you’re worth then let’s talk.  




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