How Freedom Causes Failure

mocha momentsI started to think about this on my daily walk yesterday. On Tuesday I started a brand new journal and adopted a different approach to navigating 2014. I made some definite decisions about the direction I intended to go in my business and life and how I was going to hold myself accountable. I also adopted a new way of making notes in my journal that allowed me to keep track, plan better and feel more centred-less scattered in my head (which is VERY important for me.) I didn’t want my method to be too complicated that I aborted before starting properly. I wanted to use a 1% margin for improvement in everything I chose to do.

It’s only been three days since I started but I had an aha moment while walking. I marveled at how I was making little improvements on for example an email that I was sending to subscribers that made it a touch better. I also was about to change my FREE e-guide but because I was more focused realized that it was perfect and that the information that I was going to use to create an entirely new guide could go into the already existing guide.

This is happening I know only because I’m giving my choice of method a chance.

Just the day before I wrote in my journal:

I FEEL F&*#$ing LOST!!! I need to start over and to feel organized and worthy. I cannot work without a plan

So far, with slight tweaks here and there, I’m achieving what I intended. I am no longer feeling lost and I feel organized and worthy. Sure there is self doubt lurking – it always is but I’m exercising my boldness muscle, feeling the discomfort and doing it anyway.

The point is that we all need to decide on a method that we think will solve some issue for us and stick with that long enough to give it a fair chance. Think about learning to play an instrument. You would not expect to learn to play the guitar after two or three attempts would you?

The method we decide on provides boundaries as to how we’ll go about achieving what we set out to. Rich Schefren says that many entrepreneurs suffer from the delusion that not having limits allows them to be more creative, more effective and therefore more successful.

My next point of focus is going to be on limiting the time I take to execute.  As it is, the only boundary that I’ve set is that certain activities must get done on a particular day e.g.Write a blog post, Make 7 connections, Walk etc. What I’ve found is that I am accomplishing but because I don’t have any limit on my time, I am allowing distractions to eat up some of that time and before I know it it’s the evening and I still have things that are important for me to complete undone.

Again because I’m focused and using one method I can course correct very quickly as I assess and improve on a daily basis.

Most struggling entrepreneurs suffer because of a lack of limits in many areas. Their lives are filled with too much – too much time, too much information, too much clutter, too many strategies, too many tactics – in other words: TOO MUCH FREEDOM! – Rich Schefren

Rich goes on to explain, “when you don’t place limits on everything – you end up doing a lot of unimportant things. You end up overworked and stressed with not much to show for it.

By embracing limits you’ll get MORE FOCUSED, MORE POWERFUL and experience GREATER RESULTS!

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