One Bold Action Vs a 1000 Good Intentions

mocha momentsEarly on in my career, I encountered many people who told me that I had a lot of potential. When I first heard this, I puffed my chest out and felt pretty good about myself. But then, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in my life and I started to wonder about all this potential I had. It wasn’t doing ANYTHING for me! My pride turned into hate. I started to HATE hearing “you have so much potential.” Now I understand my frustration.

Our potential is energy waiting to happen. An idea needing to be born. A song waiting to be written. A play needing to be performed. The status quo needing to be shaken up and changed. A cause needing a champion to realize it and spread the message.

Only when we DO something – ACT, GET INTO MOTION  – then our potential converts into something meaningful – and we finally begin to feel validated, worthy and deserving because we’re doing what we know only we can do in the way that we do it [whatever that “it” is] .


John Mason tells us that you can’t test your destiny cautiously. Don’t let your potential suffocate and frustrate you. Start DOING something with it. Convert it into the difference you were meant to be making.

Take one bold action today – and DO SOMETHING. It’s worth so much more than one thousand good intentions!

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