What if All That’s Missing Between You and Your Success is Effort?

mocha momentsReading Dan Waldschmidt’s Edgy Conversations and I really had to address just how much effort I was putting intoedgy-conversations-book those things that I SAY I want.

We’re the talking species. The “let me explain why…” species. The REASONING species. Yet could it just be that we have also become the LAZY species?

With “ACME” instant this and that, have we allowed ourselves to be lulled into a sense that if we’re generally on the “right” road that we will attain success sans effort?

Contemplate the following quote…

People really want to believe effort is a myth. I think we’ve been tricked by the veneer of lucky people on the top of the heap. We see the folks who manage to skate by, or who get so much more than we think they deserve, and it’s easy to forget that these guys are the exception. For everyone else, effort is directly related to success. And that’s the key to the paradox of effort: while luck may be more appealing than effort you don’t get to CHOOSE luck. EFFORT on the other hand is totally available ALL THE TIME. – Seth Godin

Effort is what makes the difference. Not what you know, how much smarter you might be, not the people you know, or the opportunities that come your way. Success on your terms relies on what you put in – YOUR EFFORT. MY EFFORT.

Dan hit bulls eye on my heart when he said:

Effort is more than “if you pay me more, I’ll work harder.” It’s about not cheating yourself out of your own potential.

Not cheating myself out of my own potential…hmmm…uh huh you’re right Dan because WHO AM I REALLY FOOLING with my excuses about why things are yet to change where I INSIST I’d like to see changes?

Those who travel with the current will always feel they are good swimmers; those who swim against the current may never realize they are better swimmers than they imagine. – Shankar Vedantam

I’ve decided to really flex my effort muscle. I love Dan’s matter-a-fact, tell it like it is approach. He’s just the kick in the behind I need to really crank things up.



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