Extending Grace to Others

mocha momentsI have a hard time being patient with others. I guess you could say I was born with seeing the potential in others so for me it’s very difficult when I see people limiting themselves. This doesn’t mean that I have no weaknesses or present continuous challenges. I am far from fulfilling my own potential. Yet I have no patience when it comes to other people.

I can live with my own pain – the pain of not altering my behavior fast enough and adopting better habits. But it seems that i can’t stand witnessing the pain that others are going through, especially if I really love and care for these “other” people.

I see what they NEED to do as crystal clear as I see what I need to do – but they’re not making the changes fast enough. I’m not exactly sprinting to the finish line myself but like I said – I seem to be able to endure my pain with a lot more tolerance and patience than the pain of those I love.

I don’t want them to suffer. I don’t want them to go through the heartache.

I ask myself: how can you not see how easy it is to turn your life around? Do you not realize that you are a remarkable human being? I see how your brain works. I see the things that you like, I see the words that you read…even when you manipulate or tell lies I know that this is coming from a brain that is clever and if you would only turn away from the darkness and towards the light you’ll be fine.

Everyone has weaknesses or perhaps strengths not properly focused or used in situations that bring out the worst instead of the best in us.

extending graceI secretly hope that your transformation will simply be a “telling” of what to do. And as easy as the words fall from my lips you will begin to change right before my eyes. I know I am being unreasonable. If I use myself as a benchmark – trust me I KNOW!

Do I help you by reminding you what a shit you are, how many mistakes you’ve made, how long it’s taking you to get things going? Like me, I’m sure that you are well aware of your own shortcomings.

It is hard for me to be patient with you but I must.

It is hard for me to want more for you and not immediately get it but I must let go and let you evolve and transform in your own time. That illusion that I have of control is simply that…an illusion.

It is hard for me to extend grace to you but I must. I believe it is the only thing that I can do and the most loving gesture that I can make and while I exercise patience, I pray for your transformation – and mine.


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