When Comfort Becomes Quicksand

mocha momentsHow often in your life do you lose sight of the big picture?

You go after stuff you think you need, while you scoff at what you actually have.

We’re so hell bent on pleasing and fitting in and doing things a certain way…dressing the part of the man or woman of your stature…yet what does your life REALLY look like?

You’ve got the business, the husband/wife, the kids, the car, the job, the club membership…and yet none of it is satisfying. Something is still missing.

comfortzThis is when comfort becomes quicksand.

It’s easier to keep up appearances than it is to determine what you really want and then shoot for those things. Taking a deep dive into our heart and soul is scary. We’re not sure what we’ll find or what we may have to admit to…that perhaps our approach did not work out quite the way we planned, or that we may have to CHANGE some things in our lives and change is uncomfortable. We’re reasonably happy – making a decent living – enjoying a couple creature comforts. Why rock the boat?

Beware. Comfort is becoming quicksand.

Where is the satisfaction? Where is the simple reward of just feeling good about ourselves and our contribution in this world?

When we get what we THINK we want and are still feeling empty then we are out of alignment with WHO WE ARE.

Getting a firm understanding of WHO YOU ARE and making the necessary adjustments here is simply the biggest leverage point to your success. It is THE MOST IMPORTANT investment you can make where you business and life is concerned.

What are the payoffs?

  1. You’ll start getting more consistent results
  2. You’ll perform tons better
  3. Your improved performance will positively affect your attitude and your overall happiness
  4. With less energy being consumed in keeping up appearances and trying to make your life “look” right you will have more time and energy available to be more creative and resourceful
  5. You’ll finally start to enjoy success in the way you imagined and take back complete control of your life

If you’re ready here are a couple questions that might scare you but please, take them to heart and answer them in a journal and if you feel inspired, share what you’ve discovered in the comments below or email me [giselle @ gisellehudson dot com] with your thoughts:

  • How much have you given up in your life so far in exchange for comfort…for certainty?
  • How many years have you settled for “what you got” instead of getting what you wanted?
  • Where could you see yourself being if you didn’t let comfort and uncertainty hold you back?
  • What is your REAL potential? Do you have any idea?
  • How much faster could you reach your goals – be more and earn more?
  • How many people could you impact – how many lives could you change?
  • How much of you are you leaving on the table because you’ve given up control of your life and settled?

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