6 Reasons Why You May not yet be Getting Results in Your Life

mocha momentsYour business and life are perfectly designed for the results you’re getting right now. Regardless of what is happening, you are at the centre and if you don’t take responsibility for the result’s you’re producing then nothing is going to change. What can you control?

It all starts off with identifying WHAT YOU WANT – what is your desired outcome or goal? Experience tells us that when we set a goal, it’s wise to be very detailed in our description about what we desire. We all know how to set goals. The part that trips us up is when we determine and cling to a single route or specific set of steps as to how what we want will manifest. Our obsession with “this one way” will blind us to other opportunities or possibilities that surface as we journey, sometimes faster routes than our own. Or as Tony Burroughs shares in his book ‘Get What You Want’ – “Intenders who cling to a single or specific route in seeking to create their abundance limit the magical workings of the Universe considerably.”

o-WHAT-DO-YOU-WANT-facebookHow badly do you really want, what you say you want? This will determine how much effort and energy you’re prepared to put into getting it. If you set a goal or an intention and it is not your idea – perhaps someone suggested that this was a good idea, or you thought that it might make sense for you to pursue this particular goal at this time – it won’t be enough. You need to have a bigger why. Personal trainer Nardia Norman, author of ‘Fat Attack: The Secrets behind the World’s Biggest Loser,’ comments specifically about weight loss as a goal, but what she says applies regardless of the goal you’ve set. “You can fool yourself, but when you’re tired and you don’t want to get up and train, or you really want that bit of cake, your ‘why’ has to be powerful and inspirational enough that you can avoid all the temptation.” Your ‘why’ must be powerful enough to propel you forward particularly when taking that next step isn’t naturally easy for you.

So now you know WHAT you want and you’re not wed to HOW that’s going to happen but you’d still like to see some results. Results may not be manifesting as fast as you would like. At this point you release your need for immediate results. You are not going to achieve that huge goal in as short a space of time as you’d like to think that you can.

Take a page out of the Biggest Loser’s playbook. Most people on the show have to lose an enormous amount of weight – at least 200 pounds. The time period for losing the weight is about a year. But the chances of someone sticking with a program for a year, based on just being specific and having a big why is not enough to motivate them into consistent action. The only reason why most people stay in the game is because they have a coach, who believes in them when they can’t believe in themselves. The coach is also smart enough to break up the achievement period into three stages – setting specific weight loss goals for stage one, stage two and stage three of the process.

How can you apply this to your life? Well if your goal is to lose say 30 pounds then you can set a phase one goal of 10 pounds. It helps too to understand the process for making this happen – that is what you’d need to do to lose the weight. So for example in my case if I wanted to lose 10 pounds, I’d need to exercise for 43 minutes a day and eat about 1500 calories per day and at that rate, I’d lose the 10 pounds in approximately 10 weeks. If your goal is to earn $100,000 try setting smaller goals which add up eventually to the large amount. Remember though that you have to figure out the sales process – what are you intending to do to earn the money. If you don’t know HOW this is where having a coach is helpful to cut down on the learning curve.

If you know WHAT you want, have a big WHY, understand the HOW and still not getting the results you want then one of these three might be the reason:

The timing isn’t right yet. This might relate to a relationship goal or a job promotion but it could relate to a financial goal as well. You may need to do some more growing before you actually achieve the goal.

You’re still harboring some doubts about your own ability to achieve the goal. I find this commonplace with the individuals that I coach. They have everything they need except actually believing in their own ability to succeed.

The “WHAT YOU WANT” that you’ve identified is not in your Highest Good. Everyone has needs and desires. It is natural to want things. But just because we want pretty things – wish for a new job, or hope for positive changes in our lives – our desiring them doesn’t mean getting them will make us any happier or help us raise our consciousness. According to Phylameana lila Desy the phrase “for the highest good” has become commonplace tagged at the end of prayers because of a belief that there is a higher power (either outside of ourselves, or deep within ourselves) that better understands what will serve us best.

Tony Burroughs suggests that in order to get better results we need to get good at making our intentions, letting them go and then taking action when opportunities present themselves. If it is for our Highest Good, usually with a few days after we’ve surrendered our intentions to the Universe, a series of almost surprising events will reveal themselves and it’s up to us then to move forward from one to the next until we reach our final goal.

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