Living Life without Containment

mocha momentspocketOur dog Pocket was knocked down yesterday. I was in such shock that I couldn’t cry. It took a while for the tears to come and as I posted a couple pics of her on Facebook, the tears started to flow.

Today the realization that Pocket is no longer here is hard to swallow. I fantasize that I will see her running down the driveway into the backyard, taking the steps three at a time or deciding simply to jump three feet onto the back porch.

My last viewing of Pocket alive was turning around to see her hurtling towards me with boundless energy…and this is the vision that I will keep in my heart as a metaphor for HOW TO LIVE!

Pocket could not be contained. I tried but she would always find a way to escape out of the yard and into the world to be free.

Everyday was an adventure. She always wanted to go outside to explore and wander. Sometimes she’d return with food scraps from nearby rubbish bins, sometimes with a swollen eye, indicating that perhaps she may have encountered a plant that she was allergic to…sometimes with a huge belly…indicating that she had dinner somewhere else and would not be dining at home on that day.

I called Pocket Houdini.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all chose to live without containment? To create without restriction? To be WHO WE ARE without shame or need to “fit in” or belong?

Pocket was her own person. She lived according to what she needed – space to roam, to be free and to be given the option to come and go as she chose.

We’ll miss Pocket – Chad, Deva, Anastasia and myself HOWEVER our lives will never been the same again. She taught us how to love and how to live and those memories will live on forever…Pocket’s teachings….PRICELESS!


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