Good Intentions Only Go So Far…

mocha momentsWho we are…our approach to things…how we execute…what we would like people to experience…THIS is our brand. Whether it’s one person or a business we must be able to articulate what we are committed to doing, how we are going to do what we set out to do and what that experience might look like.

Today I visited a place for the first time. The idea was that we’d have drinks and then have lunch. We were told that we could have lunch but:

  1. We may not be able to get everything that was on the menu
  2. We needed to be out of there by two o’clock

Because they were expecting a huge party of forty today.

Ok. Fair enough.

The owner, who had suggested that we visit and try out the restaurant, apologized saying that he forgot that they were having this big group but the chef should be able to fix something decent for us, but we weren’t going to be able to make the choice as to “what”.

Again. Fair enough. Sh*t happens. Yet I wondered if they could not have handled things differently? You see, we were no longer feeling special. The place was beautiful with a fabulous view yet our feelings were not in sync…ah well…

Then other people started to come and we heard the same reason being offered. First a couple who actually only wanted drinks. Then a group of four with two young children. One of the women refused to be turned away. She said “Listen we drove all the way from Crown Point, on a recommendation from a friend, JUST to eat HERE!”

“Ok,” the chef replied “But you can only get fish.”

This made me go “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….”

We then decided that perhaps we should order, after all, they know we’re there for lunch. The waiter then says “let me see if there is still enough time for you to have your food as,” (you guessed it) “the party of 40 should be arriving any time now.”

At every step of the way these people who were serving us seemed to be saying

It’s an inconvenience to be serving you today because we have forty guests coming and we are unable to accommodate you BUT you should be happy that we are even trying and satisfied with what we are trying to do but like we said, this IS an INCONVENIENCE!

I am certain that this wasn’t their intention, but unfortunately they are not clear about the experience they want their customers to have and even if they think they do…as in it’s written up nicely on a web site or in a brochure or on Facebook…they are yet to make a commitment to ensuring that their customers have that experience EVERY time! They are not yet LIVING THEIR BRAND!

I attended a webinar, hosted by E-Myth Certified Business Coach, Jayne Donnelly of Fearless Connections recently and she shared E Myth’s Brand Commitment

AttendeeViewerImage010 (2)

I know that many have used online spaces to NAME and SHAME people. I don’t think discussing WHO or WHERE is important.

We need to ask ourselves – (individuals and business owners alike and business owners, please understand that your business is inside of you and it starts with you being clear about your vision, values and who you are) :

What effect do we want our brand to have on others?

It begins with understanding WHO YOU ARE and then living authentically from that place. Once you understand yourself then you can write a description of how you intend to show up as an individual. What values are important to you, what you will and will never tolerate.

If you own a business it means constantly reminding and measuring everyone’s performance around the behaviours you wish to see, the mindset you wish employees to have and most of all the experiences you would like them to create every single day.

THIS above ALL ELSE – is your competitive edge!


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