Spending Time With Friends

mocha momentsIt’s great to spend time with friends.

Had a couple people over today and it was fabulous.

Connecting with others is so important but sometime we forget. We get caught up in our world, in the  “what needs to be done”…

Friends support.. Friend help out. Friends guide. Friends remain after everyone walks away.

Friends show up…if only for a bit…but they show up because you asked them to…

I’m blessed with some really good friends.

It’s easy to take friendships for granted…but you shouldn’t. I’m trying to be in the moment…to be there right now…in each sentence…in each word…in each intention…with each friend.

Life is short…relatively anyway…and we need to cherish NOW!

The stupidity, the joking, the light, the flippant, the glib…ALL of it.

Tonight I thank God  for the friends that I do have. It’s almost as if some external force chose them for me because they are exactly who I needed. My life could have gone in a totally different direction were it not for my friends.

Thank you.



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