Living on Purpose

mocha momentsThis morning I woke up to the news of Marcia Henville’s untimely death. I didn’t know Marcia personally yet I felt as if I knew her. She influenced so many in a positive way. She spoke her mind, was true to her cause and didn’t seem to give a damn about what others thought about her. As my friend Franka Philip so aptly described “You always knew where you stood. She was straightforward.” Franka told me that Marcia didn’t just critique or praise your work. She would always tell you why she didn’t like something or why she did like something. There was no ambiguity.

I love Trinidad Guardian’s former editor-in-chief Judy Raymond’s reflection…

She had a wonderful candor and naivete which she never lost and which was actually one of her greatest strengths because she made other people see things as if they were new and fresh and strange and wonderful too.

In an email newsletter this morning, Kristen Domingue shared this

Whether you know it or not, there are people who follow you and look to your leadership online and offline. They notice the things you say, the things you don’t say, and the way you say it. They notice what you say by your actions. And rather than judging you – they are judging themselves. They are measuring how much they are giving and living based on how well you’re doing it.

Whether Marcia was aware or not, she touched many lives and based on how she was purposefully living hers, we yearn to live ours with such focus.

Marcia’s last tweet, was a thankful one.

I am certain that she had great plans for 2015 but like Matthew 24:36 states (a verse my Granny often quoted):

But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

I am reminded today to remain focused and model Marcia in living life on purpose. Thank you Marcia. RIP.


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