Be Prepared to Modify Your Plan If You’re Not Getting the Results You Want

mocha momentsI know the title of this post is straightforward and self explanatory yet instead of modifying our plans we quit or go after a new set of results. Repeat this long enough and we start to say “I’m not lucky.” “I’m not good in business.” “It’s not my time.” “This success thing is complicated.”

I have great news:

There is a path and it’s simple (not always easy) but SIMPLE nonetheless.

Tony Robbins describes it as “The Ultimate Success Formula.” I’ve modified it slightly based on my own findings particularly in steps two and three:

First Step: Know Your Outcome
This means you must develop absolute clarity about the exact result you want and know why you want what you do.

Second Step: Take Massive Action
Once you can see your outcome with laser focus, you need to resolve to figure out the steps needed to take you there and then start taking action on the first step in the right direction. Commit to it, stay focused, stay passionate, and take massive action. [There are many people who are aware of the results they want. HOW they are going to get there is iffy or vague. Don’t guess. If you don’t know or are not sure, ask someone who has done what you want to do and is successful at it. Get help.]

overall outcomeThird Step: Know What You’re Getting
Too many people believe that if they know what they want and take massive action, they’ll get there eventually if they just push long and hard enough. In reality, just because you have a plan and implement it, doesn’t mean it’s going to work. The learning process is all about smart trial and error. It means reviewing your results week by week to see what’s working for you and what isn’t working. You need to measure those things that you can influence so that if you make a change, it will affect the results. Keep a focused eye on your weekly results and in the week following, keep doing what’s working. If after about 2-3 months what you’re doing isn’t working then it’s time to move on to step four.

Fourth Step: Change Your Approach
Flexibility is power. Too often, when people find they’re not getting the results they want, they give up. That’s no way to succeed. You have to be willing to be flexible in your approach. To re-evaluate your plan and do things a different way. Sometimes you have to try something radically different. Sometimes all it takes is a slight course correction. Whatever it is, if you keep evaluating and changing your approach, sooner or later you’ll find what DOES work and that’s where ultimate success comes in.

The process sounds like a lot of trial and error and a lot of hard work. You’re probably thinking “there must be an easier way.”

The folks at Success Resources share the easiest way:

Either “pay the full price” and make the mistakes yourself, or get a “half-off discount” and learn from the mistakes of others!

So now that you’ve got your shortcut, go do something that takes you closer to the results you say you want!



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