Curiosity Killed the Cat…

mocha moments…is a proverb used to warn of the dangers of unnecessary investigation or experimentation.

A less frequently-seen rejoinder to “curiosity killed the cat” is “, but satisfaction brought it back”.

Hannah G’s explanation of the meaning of this proverb is basically that your curiosity can get you in a lot of trouble and lots of other things…but if you do go looking for an answer or whatever you were looking for, that your satisfaction of the answer was well worth the trouble that you went through to get it.

I think it’s important to be curious. I think all genius starts with a curious soul…wanting to find an answer…wanting to work out why…wanting to find out how…

Donald Latumahina shared the following 4 reasons why curiosity is important:

  1. It makes your mind active instead of passive
    Curious people always ask questions and search for answers in their minds. Their minds are always active. Since the mind is like a muscle which becomes stronger through continual exercise, the mental exercise caused by curiosity makes your mind stronger and stronger.
  2. It makes your mind observant of new ideas
    When you are curious about something, your mind expects and anticipates new ideas related to it. When the ideas come they will soon be recognized. Without curiosity, the ideas may pass right in front of you and yet you miss them because your mind is not prepared to recognize them. Just think, how many great ideas may have lost due to lack of curiosity?
  3. It opens up new worlds and possibilities
    By being curious you will be able to see new worlds and possibilities which are normally not visible. They are hidden behind the surface of normal life, and it takes a curious mind to look beneath the surface and discover these new worlds and possibilities.
  4. It brings excitement into your life
    The life of curious people is far from boring. It’s neither dull nor routine. There are always new things that attract their attention, there are always new ‘toys’ to play with. Instead of being bored, curious people have an adventurous life.

My hair stylist recently shared that there was a new deli in Arnos Vale. After getting our hair cuts, Ana and I decided to check it out immediately. There wasn’t quite the variety of cheeses that I expected but there was this “new” cheese that caught my eye. I say “new” because I’m sure that other people may be familiar with it. I wasn’t. So I decided to try it.

port-salut (1)I was curious about my new find, and so I Googled it, and found the following:

  • It really goes well with beer (incidentally my drink of choice 🙂 ) and BBQ.
  • It is a semi-soft cheese that expresses the richness of summers bounty with a rich creamy flavor and smooth texture.
  • This cheese was developed long ago by the Trappist Monks and goes by the name of ‘Port du Salut’ (the Gates of Salvation)
  • Port Salut was created in 1816 at the Abbaye du Port du Salut in Entrammes in the Loire Valley.
  • By 1873 it had reached the Parisian market and the weekly delivery was so eagerly awaited that a flag was raised announcing “The Cheeses have arrived!”
  • Up until 2005, Port Salut was produced in the original grounds of the Abbaye. Although the production facility has now moved,it continues to be made by master craftsmen with the same care and attention that has always been a vital ingredient in creating this high quality, much loved French cheese.

Being curious is like going down the rabbit hole. I’m stoked and would like to find out more about these Trappist Monks.

A curious mind is a healthy mind…a working mind…a thinking mind.

Donald offers the following tips to develop your curiosity:

1. Keep an open mind

This is essential. Be open to learn, unlearn, and relearn. 

2. Don’t take things as granted

If you just accept the world as it is without trying to dig deeper, you will certainly lose your ‘holy curiosity’. Never take things for granted. Try to dig deeper beneath the surface of what is around you.

3. Ask questions relentlessly

A sure way to dig deeper beneath the surface is asking questions: What is that? Why is it made that way? When was it made? Who invented it? Where does it come from? How does it work? What, why, when, who, where, and how are the best friends of curious people.

4. Don’t label something as boring

Whenever you label something as boring, you close the door to what’s possible. Even if they don’t yet have time to explore a book, an idea, a new cheese 🙂 – leave the door open to explore in the future.

5. See learning as something fun

If you see learning as a burden, there’s no way you will want to dig deeper into anything. That will just make the burden heavier. But if you think of learning as something fun, you will naturally want to dig deeper. So look at life through the lens of fun and excitement and enjoy the learning process..

6. Read diversely

Don’t spend too much time reading one genre. Explore other topics. Step outside of your comfort zone. It will introduce you to the possibilities and excitement of other worlds which may spark your interest to explore them further.  Try picking a book or magazine on a new subject and let it feed your mind with the excitement of a something new.

The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy curiosity. Albert Einstein


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