Playing Chopsticks…When You Should be Playing Mozart…

mocha momentsWe all know the maxim: “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.”

We tend to describe ourselves very “hammer-like”…very vanilla…not too much to us…I’m just an x or y…not much talent needed to do what I do…I work at so so so…I work in accounting…I am a doctor…I own a business.

This barely scratches the surface of who we are.

The other thing we do is to focus on what we don’t have…on what we think we need…to describe ourselves differently. Allegro_WolfgangoMozart

Dan Rockwell urges us to stop focusing on our lack and instead, begin focusing on our capability. Figure out what you’re truly capable of doing.

Sure you might be using some of your gifts. But chances are you are blinded to other gifts because others have told you that you’re not good at a particular thing, and that belief is now concrete rock solid in your head, so you no longer use that particular strength.

It’s like playing the piano with only two or three notes. You’re playing “Chopsticks” when you should be playing Mozart.

When you play with all the keys that make up your giftedness…only then can you create a masterpiece with your life!

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