Throwing Now After Maybe

mocha momentsHow long do you spend thinking through a situation BEFORE you actually take action?

Are you thinking about starting a business?

Are you thinking about switching careers?

Do you want to leave your job?

Is there something that you want to do, and constantly talk about doing but never actually do anything to bring this thing into reality? Surfing, skydiving, skiing, going on a scary roller coaster ride, traveling to a far-off country?

Would you like to be more confident, assertive, more diligent?

Do you wish often that you were wealthy?

Is it that you yearn to speak up for yourself and not let people continue to railroad you and talk on your behalf, as if you didn’t exist?


What’s holding you back?

We waste so much of our present moments, thinking about what MIGHT happen…the MAYBEs…

We fail to take action for fear of failure. I don’t think we are afraid to fail. I think we fear that we would WASTE TIME attempting something that holds zero guarantee that we would succeed at it. So we hold back. We remain in our comfort zones. We maintain the status quo.

But isn’t THAT wasting time?

There is a wonderful quote by Anais Nin…

AnaisNin-1024x1024The real pain and utter waste of our time is in our own non action. We risk our existence every day remaining locked up in our thinking and our analyzing and our preparation, avoiding the risk of taking action and blossoming into WHO WE REALLY ARE!

When you’re depressed you’re likely to have what psychologists call “elevated evidence requirement”. In other words, you want to be more certain before making decisions – and struggle to trust your gut feelings.

I am not suggesting that you’re depressed. I am saying that it isn’t just depressed people who deal with this. We ALL do! We want evidence that we would succeed BEFORE making the decision. Our idea for change, to choose an alternative path started in the depths of our soul, yet we choose to ignore it in lieu of some mounting evidence that we really have no business focusing on.

We need to start to take action, look at the results we’re getting. If we are not getting the results we want we need to change our approach. And change it until we get to where we say we want to go. If not we WILL lead lives of quiet desperation. This is no fun!

The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another; and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume as it is with what he hoped to make it – James M. Barrie


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