Note Those Times When Your Eyes Light Up

I can always tell when someone is passionate about an idea, a project…whatever they’re talking eyes light upabout.

Their eyes light up. Their posture changes ever so slightly as if to straighten themselves out to deliver their truth.

There is a beautiful story writing process that I use to help my clients rediscover what they are truly bringing to the table. We are so accustomed to who we are, that we don’t often see all of who we are. It’s like we’re operating at the tip of our iceberg, yet there is so much more iceberg underneath.

While going through one of my client’s stories and sharing with her and reflecting back to her, her talent and creativity and goodness I saw the spark. While all the stories reflected her, that particular story made her eyes light up.

My client has been struggling to get her business up and running. She is totally focused on doing something else and neglecting the very thing that she can do, do well naturally and receive absolute satisfaction and joy from doing it.

Is she crazy?

Far from it.

Her only obstacle was her inability to see what was right there all along. That day I was her mirror.

What about you? When do your eyes light up?


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