Follow the Colour of the Door that Speaks to Your Heart…

…because what lies on the other side is worth it – Scott Ginsberg

I think of all the talented people I know…their art fills the spaces of the Universe with love, colour, compassion and joy. Every day they are adding something to the canvas called life, with music and passion; voicing their ideas…writing poems…commenting…being…exposing themselves in a way that feels sacred when you allow whatever they are sharing to wash over you and imbue you with their spirit.

I don’t know Scott Ginsberg but after watching this video, I feel I have got a view of his life that’s worth sharing.

Scott lets you into his world and when you’re finished watching this video your world is NEVER going to be the same again. Because every time you think that no one wants to see, hear, read or experience your specialness…you will reflect on Scott’s Tunnel of Love and you will know that what you need to do is to DO YOU! Whatever that means. Wherever that is. To whom ever you choose to share that with…



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