With Immediate Effect: Please Separate the Words Customer and Service

Because one has NOTHING to do with the other!

Dear ‪#‎bmobile‬ and any other service provider listening in:

Customer service has little to do with what you SAY and more to do with what you deliver.

Right now with regard to your call centre you are probably happy that you:
1. are providing a toll free number so that I don’t have to pay for lodging my complaint with regard to my landline which has been of no use to me because of the interference caused by a bad cable that needs to changed but cannot be changed because the pole is rotten. We have been hearing this since May.

2. have courteous people answering the phones who without empathy wait for me to finish my tirade before telling me politely “Ms Hudson, we do apologize for the inconvenience caused. I am escalating this report. Is there anything else we can do for you today?”

Not sure how you MEASURE your customer service but I’m thinking that it’s something internal that your call centre personnel tick as they go along:

  • Did I answer the phone using the script – providing my name and asking how could I help?
  • Did I listen to the customer’s complaint?
  • Did I select the right solution and did I tell the customer what I was going to do?
  • Did I find out if there was anything else that I might be able to help the customer with?

Based on today’s call as far as #bmobile is concerned they delivered great service. Nothing to do with me of course – the customer – who is paying for a service that I’m not receiving and will get a rebate, once the service is fixed – a time no one can provide up to now. And of course the onus will be on me to continue to call the TOLL FREE NUMBER that makes it affordable for me to call EVERY DAY.

Please REMOVE with immediate effect the word CUSTOMER from next to the word SERVICE that you are providing because alas…it has NOTHING to do with me.

Congratulations on your perfect SERVICE score today. Y’all did good!


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