It’s OK to Hate Your Job

Go ahead…say it…”I HATE my job!”


You’ve got that off your chest.

Now…how do you feel?

Nothing much has changed has it?

Hating your job with a passion is not just going to be enough.

What do you intend to DO about it?

“I’m going to complain to anyone who’d listen.” How is that working for ya? Sure you feel better hate the jobwhen you’re ranting but that’s short-lived.

“I’m going to F*ck up things every chance I get. I’m not going to give ANY feedback nor am I going to participate in any work related activities. THEY are not going to get me to do anything.” – You’re the man/woman! You got this covered. But look around…you’re still IN the job you hate.

You still need to DO something.

Your choices might be limited right now so you NEED this job for the $$$ and that’s OK. But don’t think that because you don’t LIKE what you’re doing at the moment that you get a free pass to do a half-ass job. This is about you. If you don’t pay attention to detail it’s going to affect your co-workers and customers but it’s also going to affect you. If you think that you’ll do things half way, not complete things on time or at all…ditto. Everything you do affects others but it also affects you. So practice bad habits and watch those habits permeate every other area of your life with negative results.

Do the best that you can do all the time. No matter what. You have a stupid supervisor who talks down to you – do your best. You don’t feel respected – do your best. You think you’re being cheated – do your best.

The best revenge is massive success and you’re not going to get an opportunity for that if you practice things that undermine you in the long run.

Have you ever thought about what you really want to do? If you don’t have an idea – make that your focus. Look at things that interest you. Why are you interested? What aspect holds your interest? Can you see yourself doing that?

Are there things that you can do outside of this job that you hate, that bring you fulfillment? Do those things.

There is always a way out. You just need to look for it in earnest while doing the best that you could possibly do right where you are.

Stomp complaining about the job. Use that energy instead to focus on you – your skills, abilities, what you are bringing to the table, looking at alternatives, exploring your options.

When YOU change, your world is going to change.

Be proactive. Stop with the “I hate my job” whine….You’ve said it…Now we know…GO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!



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