You are not required to ALWAYS know…

To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge – Confucius

There will always be things that we don’t know.

When I was much younger, I was VERY sensitive around not knowing. If I pronounced something wrong and was corrected I was embarrassed. What’s worse is I remember some of those moments…I didn’t know about Gund bears and about the commercial with the line “Gotta get a Gund”…. I mispronounced Cajun and Michigan…

I see people doing the same thing. Getting defensive because they didn’t know something and rather than just saying “I don’t know” they create a smokescreen trying to divert you from their not knowing-ness.

Too much energy wasted. Too much time lost holding up a facade instead of holding open our brains to receive wisdom, that Proverbs tells us is on EVERY street corner.

James Altucher talked about not knowing in this post. His wife Claudia, said to him

Don’t put ‘I don’t know’ in your articles so much. It sounds false.

Breathe this in today:

Not-knowing is a state of being.

Be curious. Perhaps what you don’t know is what’s holding you back. What you don’t know may be preventing you from making sense of a situation. What you don’t know makes for a happier more adventurous life in pursuit of that knowledge that just might set you free.

Stay curious. Learn daily. Ask for stuff to be explained. Say you don’t know…knowing that it’s OK.


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