Do You Have a Daily Ritual/Practice?

It’s a real question 🙂

I am not trying to sell you on adopting one that I’ve adopted that works.

I am curious…that’s all. Let me know in the comments below.

a daily ritualI’ve found that without some kind of ritual, I get easily lost in distraction…slipping down Facebook rabbit holes, getting roped into a story that’s juicy and full of gossip, reading an article that’s good but not necessarily the best use of my time in that moment.

Whenever I cling to the ritual and attempt to be perfect around execution, I find that I suck the life out of my own existence.

I guess what works is to have a loose framework within which you could place all that you figure is worth paying attention to on any given day…and trust me, even though you say that stuff is important you don’t always remember what those things are. So you need to write it down and RE-MIND yourself of these intentions if not daily, at least 3 times for the week.

Here are a couple things you might choose to include in your own daily ritual:

  1. Strengthen your mind – study or learn something useful
  2. Review the written version of your clear mental image of what you desire to create, attract, achieve. Allow yourself to be fully in that picture as if it were already completely accomplished. Notice your feelings — emotions and body feelings. Is the experience juicy and exciting? If not, what in your picture needs adjusting to make it so? Go ahead and change it now, using the most colorful language you can come up with. It’s YOUR vision so make it just right for YOU. If it’s already just right, enjoy!
  3. Write down 3-5 people, things, experiences, situations, etc., you are grateful for this morning. Choose one and write a sentence or two about WHY you feel this way.

This last one is a favorite of mine. For a long time I used to write long to-do lists, sometimes accomplishing what was on my list – most times not; transferring what was left undone to the next day until a week would pass and I wouldn’t complete much. Then I would feel shitty about myself and berate myself for not being more productive.

Instead I now do the following. It works. It takes the pressure off of feeling like I have to be constantly “on” and “doing, doing, doing…” –

Every day ask yourself:

What is one specific ACTION step that I can take TODAY toward the realization of my vision? Then write it down.

You will get more traction from this one action than anything else. And don’t think that it’s any small feat when you complete that one specific ACTION. This is usually something that is important for you to do and so you’ve been avoiding it. Yep! That’s how we roll. We leave important stuff for last don’t we? 🙂 Once you complete that ONE thing, think of something else. Then do that. This will align your actions with what you say you want to achieve.

Additionally I recently decided to walk in the morning. When I leave it for the end of the day, I’m more likely to talk myself out of walking and I’m REALLY good at this! LOL

Tell me below, how you have been spending your mornings. What are some helpful things that you do daily? I would love to hear from you.


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