If You Chase Money, Money Won’t Come!

In 2014 Sean Combs renounced P Diddy to become Puff Daddy again. Some say it was an identity crisis yet many of us do the same thing. We try to reinvent ourselves with monikers that are different, cute, memorable, creative – in the hope of finding an elusive freshness in our lives.

One thing that Sean has always been certain about is the hustle. In 2014 he offered a pep talk to his Instagram followers encouraging them to hustle harder in 2015.

2014, that was my vacation. 2015. Damn, I ain’t gonna leave nothing on the table, baby,” Puff said in a video posted on Loudlocker. “You think I’m talking about some money? People on my comment page saying ‘Damn Diddy, leave some for the rest of us.’ If you don’t hustle, you don’t eat. Hustle harder. They ain’t never gonna hustle hard as me. You think I do this sh*t for the money…’Why you so mad Diddy?’ I’m not mad. I’m disappointed. [I’m] giving you the blueprint to get it out here and you don’t wanna do what it takes,” he added. “You wanna stay on your Instagram all day. Taking selfies and you ain’t hustling hard. Hustle harder. See it’s 2015, man. You get a fresh new start. I want you to feel what it feels like to be able to give your family whatever they want in the world. I want you to be able to tell your mama, ‘Mama, just dream anything and I’ll get it for you.’ Now this the last thing I’mma say to you. Don’t be following people. Be a leader.

Was your 2015 like a vacation? Did you think a lot, do very little? Dream big dreams? Not see anything come true for you?

I love hustlers. I love when people see things that need to be done, suggest that they could do it, and charge me accordingly. I try not to beat people down on their fees because I don’t like when folks do that to me. However when you charge me for something, you’d better do a damn good job!

The ONLY way you are going to earn good money is if you do a good job based on the client’s interpretation of what that should look like.

I had someone recently come by to remove old leaves, pieces of wood and general junk around the yard. When he came, I walked him through, showed him the areas that needed clearing, what to take, and what should remain. When he was finished he walked me through those areas I had pointed out to him and asked if I was satisfied. I was. I paid him. I will work with him again.

In contrast, here’s a story of a painter who has over 20 years’ experience.

bobmarley quoteHe came to my house, gave a quote and was awarded the job. While on the job I saw where perhaps the projected could be extended. I asked him to quote me before making a decision. Again I agreed that the fee was fair. He asked for 50% of both project amounts and was given same. The project started off really well. He ensured he covered the areas where he was working. He seemed to be working fast. Then things started to slip. He kept asking for a $200 here and a $500 there. Without boring you with the details, he had worked his way up to receiving 80% of the cost of the job and I had received 50% of his efforts. With just $500 to go to total payoff, I asked him when I could expect him to complete the job. He then said to me “Let me ask you something – you feel that if you give me that li’l bit of money you have for me, that I wouldn’t come and complete the job?”

Now I was wrong for letting the money giving get to the point it had got to, but I felt that he would complete the job. My point though is I watched him as he chased the money. He was more interested in getting “his” money than providing excellent service in exchange for it. As a result I suspect that he would never receive or enjoy the money he is making.

Here’s my guide for hustling and making 2016 bigger and better:

  1. Don’t say you are an expert in something if you are not
  2. Don’t promise one thing and do another
  3. Don’t compromise your principles or values
  4. Don’t sweep problems under the rug
  5. Don’t hand in unfinished work as complete
  6. Don’t make excuses – accept responsibility

The list could be longer but let’s keep it simple. 2016 has a 6 in it so let’s keep our list to just these 6 things.

Like I told my “used to be painter”: Regardless of what you do for a living, HOW you do it is your signature…it carries your reputation with it: if you do a great job you will be rewarded. In the words of my housekeeper “I am never worried about getting more work because I am dependable and trustworthy.” So there you go. Don’t chase the money. Heed the words of Dakota Nunley, Co-founder of Arctify: “Your value is equal to the amount of value you provide to others. You are what others think you are. Your product or service is, and the price tag along with it, directly correlated with how valuable others think that product or service is. To achieve greater financial success, provide greater value to others. The money will come along with it.”


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