Clearing never ends…

31-Days-of-DeclutteringAbout a month ago I emptied all my email accounts of messages. I felt burdened. Like I was slowing down. Too much of everything.

I did the same thing a few days ago, giving away stuff I no longer used/had use for.

I’ve been doing the same thing with information that I have collected over the years. Things that I knew for sure, I’d NEED in the future. Didn’t read again. Didn’t use.

It’s the collector in me.

I just looked at my Gmail account and I’m back up to 582 messages. When did that happen?

And then I got an email (the irony) šŸ™‚ that said…”Clearing never ends…”

It’s an ongoing process. Seems silly now that I’m thinking about it but that’s how I feel when I do a deep clean, or clear my inbox, or organize my t shirts by colour – I want it to last forever. I just want to do it ONCE and be done.

But as Stephanie Vogt reminded me today:

…clearing the things and thoughts that do not serve us is a journey to be lived and cultivated, not a linear task to be completed by a certain date or deadline. To the degree that we can enter into the experience with wonder and spacious detachment, that is when clearing becomes a thing of beauty: a spiritual practice that reveals that divine essence and mystery that we are.

I need say anything more…except perhaps…MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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