Joy is the Key

Andras Toth

When I first saw this picture I thought “…this is me…”

That’s how I feel…on the edge of my life…not quite ready to jump. Holding back …looking over…afraid.

I always thought that I would find complete happiness if/when I took that leap of faith. Took action. Not be so afraid. Be bolder. More courageous.

“I need to get off the sidelines”…I would muse…”quit playing such a small game…heck! I need to get IN the game.”

Turns out I don’t need to move at all.

But I am not talking about procrastinating, staying in my comfort zone or not taking action towards manifesting my heart’s desires.

I recently posted this quote on my FB page

“If I follow my heart, everything will work out.”

Following your heart is good, but it should never override intellect and intuition – Lolly Daskal

My coach and friend Tami Smith shared this comment:

The flaw is in the assumption that there is a way, anyway, that everything will work out the way you want it to.

It is the inability to see how things are working the way they need to, in accordance with reality, that is the challenge. Intellect is not a better tool, nor is intuition for this challenge.

The statement “if I follow my heart, everything will work out” is indeed a fantasy on the relative level. But what about from the absolute? Does the heart not lead to understanding?

I told her I needed to “chew” on this…and “chew I did…”

It’s amazing whenever we seek answers the Universe provides us with just what we need.

My answers started with a book that I was led to buy called “The Complete Master Key System” by Gladstone, Greninger, and Selby.

It’s based on the classic work by Charles F. Haanel “The Master Key System”.

The first focus phrase presented in the book is

I choose to focus enjoyably inward

That word enjoyably was blowing my mind. “What a weird way to use enjoyably, I thought. Why that word in particular?”

I consulted my book “The Hidden Souls of Words” by Mary Cox Gardner and found this:

We usually associate joy with happiness that comes in certain moments. Yet the original root implies a constant state of mind or of being that is both a positive and empowering force. In the words of the Mundaka Unpanishads: “From joy springs all creation. By joy it is sustained, toward joy it proceeds and to joy it returns.” Is it possible that joy may be the primary energy that emanates from the Divine in order for the secondary energies of Light and Love to break forth as the building blocks of creation itself?…If joy is at the center of creation, it can create an attitude that reaches beyond happiness and helps us to stay centered while experiencing situations in which we might otherwise feel despair…To enjoy life is to be open to receive and thus be in the joy of the present moment.”

And that’s where the focus phrases take you…from first focusing enjoyably inward…feeling the air moving through your nose…feeling it in your chest and belly…feeling your entire body in the present moment…and entering into silence…become ready to receive.

This is where we tap into our own guidance blueprint…provided for us…moment by moment. We can only see whole parts of this when we look back at our lives, what we have done/accomplished.

And this is why it’s so important to choose to focus enjoyably inward, several times during the course of the day…to still the noises of distraction so we can hear the whispers of direction, that is truly ours.

And then I came across this poem which sums it all up so beautifully……..

“Always we hope

someone else has the answer.

Some other place will be better,

some other time

it will all turn out.


This is it.

No one else has the answer.

No other place will be better,

and it has already turned out.


At the center of your being you have the answer;

you know who you are and you know what you want.


There is no need

to run outside

for better seeing.


Nor to peer from a window.


Rather abide at

the center of your being;

for the more you leave it

the less you learn.


Search your heart

and see

the way to do

is to be.”

-Lao Tzu

My wish for you as we leave 2015 behind is that you all find joy, moment by precious moment.



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