There Will ALWAYS Be One Star Reviews

Check out the book ” milk and honey” by rupi kaur. I read it in one sitting. It’s an amazing book of poetry…

Got that suggestion from a friend of mine and immediately clicked through to Amazon to read the reviews.

I have this habit of reading the one star reviews first. It’s as if I give more credence to the one star reviews because I know the four and five star reviews are from family and friends who are BOUND to say that “it’s a great book”.

So here’s one of the one star reviews for Milk and Honey:

no. Just no

And here’s a two star review

Wouldn’t call it poetry but sophisticated tweets with precisely 140 character count. Really disappointed. Her Instagram posts are gold, so save your money.

My friend called it an amazing book of poetry…someone else says they wouldn’t call it poetry.

Who’s right?

Both are.

Their perception.

It’s up to me to make a choice.

I’d probably go with my friend since she knows me and recommended it because she thinks I would like it.

The one and two star reviewers are also entitled to their opinion.

We will ALWAYS encounter people who don’t like our work. People who are jealous. People who think that we should not be creating at all.

I always laugh when I hear people say stuff like “there’s nothing new here…” when reviewing a book. Perhaps the book is not for you…or the art…or the photograph…whatever. But it is meant for some “one” to hear it, see it, experience it …that’s all.

I confess I have caught myself doing the comparison shit, wondering why X has so many followers, why so many people are reading their posts and then going into “feeling sorry for myself mode…” nobody loves me…nobody cares. Lol…it’s true!

When I write, I have no idea who I am connecting with. When I do a radio show I have no idea who’s listening. But every now and again someone will tell me how I impacted their life. And in that moment I know that I must keep doing me. I express gratitude for them and their sharing and vow to never turn my back on that inner urge to share something that I think is important.

So for 2016 I intend to care less about “stars” and “likes” and “number of followers” and live resembling¬†this freedom:

true artistic freedom


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