Don’t Tighten Your Belt…Expand Your Mind

shutterpugsttI recently started a new business.

I did not start it out of a necessity to make more money but I will. However I realized that I possess many gifts which I neither use nor leverage and that’s insulting to Infinite Intelligence. In 2016 I intend to use ALL my gifts to sow more love, to give more hope, to shine more light and to spread more joy and I want to encourage you to do the same.

There is a lot of “tightening your belt” talk that’s been circulating in Trinidad and Tobago. When you say that sentence out loud…how do you feel? Expansive? Filled with possibility? I don’t think so!

Words are powerful. Instead of tightening your belt, why don’t you look at your own acre of diamonds?

Scott Ginsberg recently launched a software application that helps people identify what’s already true for them, and then leverage that asset to increase the rate of return on their investment.

Ask yourself:

What am I already doing that could be making money?

According to Scott, his application is a brilliant time saver, income generator and value creator because it challenges people to conduct an ongoing analysis of their current talent portfolio, as opposed to killing themselves trying to master something new.

That’s a much smarter and easier way to make more money. To start where you are. To knock where the door is already open. To take the training you already have and use it to create value in the world.

I love the Leverage Junkie. It doesn’t tell you anything but asks pertinent questions that is bound to lead to better results.

Don’t tighten your belt…expand your mind!

If you are not yet a subscriber, you can click here to subscribe

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