The Secret to Getting What You Want in Your Business and Life

People form habits and habits form futures.

That quote by Mike Litman is one of my all-time favorites!

And it is the backbone of the secret to getting anything you want.

Jason Leister a direct response copywriter, internet entrepreneur and editor of the daily e-letter, The Client Letter, says of his own experience in search of the secret:

This secret is something I walked past many times on my way to something else.I would often see it laying off to the side of the road. Partially covered with dirt, it didn’t glisten or glow like the secrets I thought I wanted.

At that time in my life, I had no idea that truth and power don’t glisten. They’re not flashy and they certainly don’t attract much attention. Instead, they are still, just giving off their quiet power for those who are ready for them. This is how they stay protected from people who have more growing to do.

We all have growing to do. And eventually we discover the REAL secret just as Jason did:

The only way you get the life you want is to make small investments in your dreams, each and every day you are given to live. Your future is not determined by luck, by flashes of brilliance or even by “who you know.” It is determined by your willingness to make small investments consistently in the direction of your dreams. Some people call these “investments” habits.

HabitsWhat are YOUR habits?

There’s something that I say – how you do anything is how you will do everything.

Do you have a habit of not completing tasks? You will see it in all areas of your life: opening and not closing doors, leaving covers off of jars, starting to do something and leaving it  before you get the results you want…programs, projects, exercise routines…you get the picture.

Jason makes an extremely interesting observation:

No one will reward you for your habits. Almost no one will even notice them. So if you are not developing them for you and you alone, then they will never stick around. Trying to create new habits for “someone else” is a waste of time. Doing it because you feel “compelled” to do it won’t work. Do it for you. Do it because you want it.

I often hear people say they would LOVE to become a writer. Yet all they do is talk about it. They talk about never finding the time to write. “Ohhhhhhh if only I had more time…” What if they just developed a habit of writing daily…writing say 200 words per day?

This is what Srinivas Rao had to say about developing a more productive habit.

About 6 months ago I found myself in a challenging situation. Writing has never been particularly difficult for me. But I was suddenly getting paid to write, which meant deadlines and expectations. My production requirements had increased significantly and I didn’t wake up every single day with ideas for new posts, articles or newsletters.

If I waited to be inspired, I would be screwed.

So I decided there was only one way I was going to be able to pull this off: write 1000 words a day. It had to go from being a task on my to-do list to a habit. What I didn’t realize is just how much that was going to change my life.

  • If I woke up hungover, I wrote 1000 words.

  • If I woke up at a place that wasn’t home, I wrote 1000 words.

  • If I had no idea, what to write, I put my fingers on the keyboard, my ass in the chair, and I wrote 1000 words.

  • If I didn’t feel like it (this one is really important), I wrote 1000 words. Some of my best work was produced on those days.

When we don’t develop good habits we expose ourselves to our competitors. We become complacent and way to skilled at giving reasons why this or that can’t be done.

My very good friend Bob Oros, CSP, CMC, and President and Founder of FSD Marketing, Inc. tells us that we need to be more aggressive. His definition of aggressive is more powerful, effective and confident. We can only be that way if we develop habits that support our growth.

Bob made me seriously think about the way forward for me in 2016 when he shared this at a seminar:

If I were your competitor I would go after your small to middle size customers that you are taking for granted. The customers who pay their bills on time. The customers you don’t tell how much you appreciate. The customers that you THINK you have sewed up. I would give them the attention and appreciation you never gave them. I would send them the cards, gifts and samples that you never thought were important. I would know everything about them.

People form habits and habits form futures. What habits are you willing to change for the better?

What if you decided today – right now – to embark on a 90 day challenge to turn your life around, developed better habits and make 2016 your best year yet?

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