Remind Yourself Always…”One Step at a Time”

One step forward, two steps backward…

That’s how life feels doesn’t it? What’s that…you think it’s more like twelve steps backward? 🙂

I was reminded today how much I need a daily dose of inspiration. I cannot live without it. If I don’t read something to stretch and inspire me daily, I find the journey less delicious and much more agonizing.

Last night I went to see Revenant.

Revenant is a new word for me and means a person who has returned, supposedly from the dead.

In the movie Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is savagely attacked by a bear. So as not to spoil it for those who are yet to see this movie, the only point I am going to make here is this: Hugh used visualization and memory activation to get him through some really tough moments. He remembered in particular this oft repeated phrase by his supposedly dead wife:

In a storm when you look at the branches of the tree, you’re certain it will fall. But if you look at the trunk, you’ll see the stability.

What are our branches and what tree trunks can we look to for stability in those times when we either want to give up or not even begin a journey that seems too painful to start because we can’t see the entire path?

In Hero, by Rhonda Byrne, I found the best description of the journey we take in this life as we grow from stage to stage and pursue our goals and dreams.

nowhitescaledlabyrinthThe journey is more of a labyrinth than a straight line or even a circuitous route.

When you are on the path to your dreams, a wall might suddenly appear and you feel you’ve hit a dead end and you’re finished. But just like being in a labyrinth, no matter HOW things appear, there is ALWAYS another path you can take. When you know that the success of your dream is at the center of the labyrinth, you will not be in the least bit daunted by any unexpected twists and turns, because you will know that you success could be around the very next corner. And that’s exactly how dreams come true – from HERO

The branches we see are those times when we let our minds go and become overwhelmed with far too many choices and possibilities of what could lie ahead.

The trunk is our Inner Guidance that is NEVER wrong if only we would listen and take heed. The thing about this Inner Guidance is that it is doled out piece by piece. It’s as if you are building a gigantic puzzle and being handed one piece at a time, allowing you to take the time you need to know exactly where you are and how that particular piece fits into the whole.

One step at a time will take us where we want to go.

G.M Rao insists: if the purity of intention is there, the Universe finds a way to reward you.

Rhonda encourages:

If your commitment begins to waver at any time, through disappointment, rejection, or something that didn’t go the way you thought it would go, those are the times when you need to remind yourself that you are ALWAYS being moved to your dream in the way that will bring about THE GREATEST OUTCOME. [emphasis mine]

The path of your dream will NEVER unfold if you focus on the result. Focus instead on your process, one step at a time, and you will get there. See what works, change what doesn’t, try again. You WILL get there.


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