The Labyrinth Called Life

I wrote this piece in my journal on February 1st 2016, and decided to share. I started that day feeling “bummy” but once I worked my way through my feelings, I realized the importance of writing stuff down and getting it out of your system. It unclogs your creative arteries allowing helpful thoughts to flow freely again.

This feeling of dread that has become so comforting…this ease with which I self-sabotage. This way that I immediately clothe myself with the words of others, comes effortlessly.

It is habit.

I keep thinking that if I pretend to be spiritual that I will feel differently.

The truth is….I feel nothing at all.

No author could stir my soul, unless I hold the spoon and agitate within.

How do I maintain momentum? What vision must I hold that would grab me by the collar and draw me forward? How do I step over this fence that I live within into the vastness of my potential and be?

Today I will follow the yearning of my soul. I will not distract myself with idle chatter about stuff I have no control of.

Today I will write myself into this great Universal story unfolding all around me.

Today I will push against the wall of my mind and allow more thoughts of possibility to enter.

I will plant those seeds that beckon to take root and I will put one foot in front of the other, knowing that listening to my Inner Guide will take practice, but it’s all I need to take that next step.

Even when I can’t see the end, I will move with confidence connected to that Great Power that moves mountains and calms storms.

Today my contribution will be made and my presence felt.

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