Just Do It!

A phrase made famous by Nike.

Words told to me by several people in the last couple of months.

Stop overthinking.

Just do it.

Why don’t we JUST DO IT?fb_img_1487286508426We want our launch to be perfect because the truth is, we don’t want hiccups. We don’t want delays. We want a smooth sailing. Green lights all the way.

Just do it.

I’m not ready!

Just do it.

OK I will stat tomorrow.


Do something now, right where you are, with what you have.

Because while you’re contemplating your navel (don’t ask) someone else is doing something, somewhere, some how…pressing on. Sure you can be critical of HOW they’re doing what they’re doing – but the bottom line is THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING!


So this is the first post in ages. 2016 has been quite a blur. Life is messy. Sometimes what we plan to do never happens. Life has something else in store for us. We just have to accept what we’re served and deal as best we can.

Sickness is like that. You can never schedule a cold or decide the best time to get laid up with Zika. And cancer? Seems to have a mind of its own. Non smokers get lung cancer, people in remission for 10 years plus suddenly are faced with “the big C AGAIN” but this time more aggressively…in some new format where there is no  drug to “stave off the cancer for another 10 years.”

My friends husband, who was battling cancer had a massive stroke day before yesterday. Yesterday he left the building. He was listening to pan on the radio on Sunday. Today he’s gone.

Life gives us no timetable in advance. It doesn’t allow us to schedule neatly placed activities side by side avoiding clashes.

Life just is.

Life is now.

Whatever we can do…we must.

Life ain’t waiting…it isn’t slowing down.

As my friend Dan Waldschmidt said recently:


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