To be born again

This is not about religion.

Words are powerful.

Maya Angelou said that words were clothed in energy.

We need to bring more consciousness to what is coming out of our mouths.

When we say we have faith…what are we saying?

When we say we are blessed and highly favored, do we understand and live from this position?

When we say we are born again – what does that mean?

born-again – relating to or denoting a person who has converted to a personal faith in Christ (with reference to John 3:3).

what we do todayI love this saying by Buddha…each day we are born again. What matters is what we do today. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t promised.

I’ve been treating myself with a little more kindness. My body was rebelling. Anxiety and stress was becoming normal. I could hear myself fighting to breathe. Not good.

As Debbie Forde said:

If you don’t deal with the shadow – the shadow will deal with you!

So every day I am more mindful and as a result able to listen that much better to what my body NEEDS not necessarily what I have been absentmindedly giving it!

Every day we are born again.

What thoughts come up for you as you think about that statement?

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