You can’t open the door with stuff in your hands…

Jan 2 drop the baggageWe yearn for something better…our heart knows what we desire…yet we are scared to put down what we know no longer works. We stand in front of the door of “next”…new beginnings…a different way of being…hands full of STUFF!

We’re afraid to admit that this load has become too heavy to bear so we feel that we must hold on. Perhaps to prove to someone that we can do it all…you know tote the shit and still get what we desire.

Unless we make room for the new by putting down some stuff, we won’t be able to open the door in front of us, let alone walk through it.

What’s your stuff?

Beliefs that don’t serve, responses that bring arguments instead of solutions, fear in all forms – jealousy, envy, people-pleasing, guilt, resentment, powerlessness, anger, overwhelmed, burdened, need for approval…compromising even though it only brings you pain?

What are you holding on to so tightly that you are closed to possibility and opportunity?

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