Judgment – noun jəj-mənt

If we take judging ourselves and others out of our life,
we will mostly be living in paradise – Yogi Bhajan

According to Aletheia Luna and Mateo Sol, soulwork teachers who currently live in Perth, Australia…there is a big difference between making judgments and being judgmental. Making judgments comes from a balanced and neutral mind. On the other hand, being judgmental comes from an imbalanced and reactive mind that is seeking to protect itself from being hurt by others.

In order to really accept who we are, as they say “warts and all”…then we have to start with how we judge ourselves.

I judge people, more times than I care to admit…usually when I feel I’ve made some headway in a particular area and they are, in my estimation “far behind.” Yet I’m stroking my own ego and not being of use to anyone. When I am able to put my bullshit aside and really look at the person and the what and why of their actions, only then can I “see” what is really going on.

According to the dictionary def. judgment seems to be a fairly rational process.

The process of forming an opinion or evaluation by discerning and comparing careful judgment of the odds – Merriam Webster

Why then does judging get judged so harshly?

who am i to judgeLuna and Sol suggest, “…think critically: look at all sides. Be willing to be wrong. Ask yourself, “Am I seeing the whole picture?” Can you ever 100% know the entire story of another? The reality is that no, you can’t. None of us can. So whenever you start to feel that wall go up between yourself and another, stop. Ask yourself, “Do I 100% know my judgment is true?” Making this into a habit will help wear down your judgmental reflexes and open your mind.”

Judging limits our perspective. To paraphrase Maslow, if the only tool you got is a hammer, you’ll see everything as a nail!

Be willing to step outside of your “way of looking at it”, or “how it’s always been” or “this has always been your experience.”

Can some thing change? Can a paradigm be shifted?

If we were all honest, the answer would be “YES!”



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