Road Deaths and Personal Responsibility

Just reading about another cyclist killed on the highway.

I’m intrigued by the comments –

Every time these clowns go onto the highway it’s like a circus come to town. And they never learn

At the end of the day it comes down to the risk associated with cycling. Just because it’s legal to cycle on the CRH doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Having unprotected sex with Saucy Pow isn’t illegal, but the risk isn’t worth it.

There is no “one solution” but it seems the only one we can come up with is one where cyclists need to keep off the highway.

I am amazed when driving how many people are driving recklessly – breaking lights…swerving in and out like a mayfair pole dance except much more dangerous. Many times I fear that as I brake on amber, someone will run into the back of my car….no kidding. Oftentimes I am sitting at a light and cars pass to my left and my car literally shakes as they speed by.

Unless we all take responsibility for what we do and how, shit like this will continue to happen. Freak accidents occur. Tyres might blow out or something might mechanically cause you to lose control. However where you do have control and don’t drive defensively shit is bound to happen.

Adolescents are often blamed for their lack of decision making abilities because they don’t think things through.

We clearly have more adolescents among us than we care to admit – many over 30!

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