Bird Box and What it Tells me About Us Humans

Bird Box came up as a suggestion on Netflix. I watched the trailer and later watched the movie, probably two nights later.

I enjoyed it.

Go ahead…bite me!

I thought it was just me who looked at it but then I realized I was joined by other folks, many of whom started to populate Facebook with bad reviews – all generally saying it was shit.

This morning I saw a post from a friend that I can count on for a dash of humor who bemoaned:

I can’t believe y’all are making me watch Bird Box!

And there it is. Human nature.

Whether we deem something “see worthy” or not is hardly the point. For those who haven’t seen it, this sparks curiosity.

On the wagon with those who ACTUALLY saw the movie and thought it was shit, are those who DID NOT see the movie, perhaps just saw the trailer and decided that they would join the considerably louder team of anti Bird Boxers.

I’ve spotted perhaps a half dozen like me, who have come out of the Bird Box closet saying they liked it, but we are in the minority and so one would conclude that things don’t look good for Bird Box except as of today 14 million people have viewed Bird Box.

Someone said…it’s just not realistic. D-uh!

Not everyone is going to like everything. Whether it’s a movie or a pair of shoes or the next piece of sliced bread that eats itself!

My Verdict:

We are all entitled to our opinions.

We should judge truthfully, as having actually “seen” the movie before weighing in and not just the trailer. Don’t just promulgate information for the sake of doing so, so you don’t stand out.

It’s OK to say that you like something.

Judge for yourself, don’t take someone else’s word for it.

We are all creative – have you seen some of those memes? Humor at its best and worse but creative nonetheless!



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