Doing Whatever it Takes is Always What it Takes…

We’ve become lazy.

Lazy thinkers for starters.

The advent of the search engine has left us with a sense that whatever we need to know we can simply “Google it.” We feel assured that we will find the answers we need immediately. We have become accustomed to finding the answers we need to live the lives we are creating “out there.”

There are steps, and prescriptions abound for everything from starting a podcast, becoming a millionaire and launching a successful YouTube channel.

micheile-henderson-OYDLd_MB5vY-unsplashYet despite following these success recipes, many of us find ourselves no further ahead than when we started our search.

This is why we often hear ourselves saying things like, “I could never do what you do, they do or (insert name here) does.”

And this is true because we all have different strengths and capacities.

We need to quit searching for the secret and once and for all resign ourselves to discover the answers in the only place we can find them and that’s within.

Jason Leister shares a valid truth:

There are systems and approaches that work for some. There are systems and approaches that do not work for some. So it’s not helpful to put too much stock in anyone or anything. It’s not that people are out there trying to mislead you. It’s that no one knows what will work for you.

Say that again out loud:

No one knows what will work for me.

Here’s the next thing I want you to be absolutely clear and certain about.

It’s your job to figure it out.

Go ahead…say it like you mean it: “It’s my job to figure it out.” It’s not your job to Google it to find the answers – and that’s why I say we have grown lazy. It’s your job to figure it out. And figuring things out is a combination of thinking, doing, recording, reviewing, revising and doing again.

Leister says, “I spent years thinking that successful people could ‘deliver me’ to the promised land. But that was stupid. ‘Getting there’ was my job. I could have saved a lot of time had I just sat down and got to work figuring it out myself.”

Sylvester Stallone was born in the charity ward of the New York hospital system. He was pried out of his mother’s birth canal with forceps which damaged his facial nerves, leaving him with a drooping eyelid, deformed lips and a speech impediment. He became obsessed with working out, and although his speech improved with therapy over the years, it crippled his barely existent career as an actor.

We only know of Sylvester Stallone today because he let his outcome – the lead role in his screenplay Rocky – pull him forward through one rejection after another, holding fast to what he wanted and willing to do whatever it took to get there!

So where do you begin?

Remember that all of the success principles work some of the time in some situations. None of them work all of the time in all situations.

Start with an educated guess and grow from there. It will take work. Create a system, get one or make one up. Work that system, study it and improve upon it. Experiment. Tweak. Get up every day and do it all over again until you get the results you’re after because doing whatever it takes is always what it’s going to take if you want to realise your dreams.

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