How Memorable will this December be?

The start of a new month always holds promise. We look back at what might have been and look ahead towards what’s possible. We have not yet put our life pen to December’s paper yet…

Somewhere lurking behind all our thoughts of promise and possibility lie our doubts, fears, and insecurities. This is normal.

Make peace with what hasn’t happened yet and what you cannot change.

december to rememberStand in your Decemberness and FEEL your power! Look for the leaks in your energy container and plug them. No more drain on your resources….no more bad talking yourself.

Don’t allow ANYONE to thrive off you feeling low or down about yourself.

As you harness your power on the inside….the way forward gets clearer and clearer.

Be loving to you.

Be VERY patient with you.

December 2019 is about to explode with YOUNESS! And that’s goddamn beautiful!

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