What’s Your Word?

Have you ever heard about choosing one word and living with it for a year?

Well some time back in November I decided to choose joy.


Joy is the highest energy of all. It’s the magical sense that everything is possible; it springs from appreciating the gifts in each moment except I wasn’t doing that. I was choosing joy in the morning and then found myself stressing about the money I had to earn to do the things I wanted throughout the day. I saw myself feeling unhappy that in order to lose weight i needed to step up my exercise frequency and be more committed to the routine.

And then I saw this question: Are your dreams a source of frustration or delight?

My dreams need to be a source of delight. And then I remembered this axiom: when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Is it possible to look at two versions of my present reality…I wondered?

Today I will focus simultaneously on:
1.My exciting future
2. Finding reasons in my current reality to be happy

Will let you know how it goes

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