Are you Communicating or just Talking?

green fig messageWhen I saw this picture I had a good laugh. We sweet too bad lol. Then I got to thinking about messages. This message is clear and is put in a place where the person for whom it is intended will get it!

Yet when we have a message we tend not to be so direct. We tell our spouses…partners…friends…and we rant on Facebook about our boss or coworkers. We talk to our friends at work about our spouses and partners and how annoying they are. We tell one friend about another friend. We throw shade through FB and other social status updates hoping that the people who need to read it will read it.

And we pretty much do the same thing with our potential customers. We don’t spend time figuring out who they are or where they’ll be. Instead we send out generalized messages hoping that our potential customers will read between the lines….almost like posting the alphabet and challenging them to guess what we are trying to say!

Don’t talk behind someone’s back.
Stop with the passive aggressive bullshit.

Say what you mean…ask for what you want…and with regard to potential clients…get to know them…for real. Not statistics…not focus groups…REAL

Now do you think that anybody interfered with that fig? 😂😂😂

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