How do you Heal?

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Often we need to take a step back before moving forward.

Most of all we need to listen to what our soul is trying to tell us.

Crying clears everything up for me…it washes away my pain…and moves all mental debris clogging up my ability to see.

I need space often to think and create.

I need to talk it out just to hear myself and my thoughts out loud.

What’s frightening now is a new adventure that I am conceiving. I’m comfortable with the way I’ve always done things yet my soul says it’s time for a step change – a significant change in my life.

Fear wants to immobilize…ego is colluding…but this dragon will no longer remain tethered to the dismantling remains of a life that no longer works.

December…oh December…this new decade is almost upon us! Carpe diem the living daylights of time left here on earth.

I want to see your talents and gifts being shared…I want to share my own.

This difference we seek…starts with us.

It’s time…BEGIN!

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