Let Down that Heavy Load

remembering hurt

As I pry my fingers off of all the hurt I’ve been carrying…some from perhaps when I was maybe two or three…the actual chain of events…vague…but the pain…raw and real…I’m thinking that we can only let go when we learn.

I’m not suggesting painstakingly rehashing events. What I am suggesting is that we let our pain speak to us and define for us…what is that need not being fulfilled. When we don’t fill ourselves with what we need…love…recognition…a need to belong…we fill ourselves up with food…overindulgence…distractions…including being busy all the time…yet we are never satisfied.

This learning never comes in the form of weekly scheduled lessons. It can happen in an instant.

Stay with the pain. Cry. Laugh. Be curious. You will know what is true for you. And when you touch that truth kernel you will feel the relief of bobbing to the surface and taking a long breath…because you have been underwater for so long.

And in that instant you will know…life as you know it won’t be the same again.

Not speaking from the balcony…but in the trenches. Today I choose joy once again and i thank yesterday’s pain for the light it brought to my life. Thank you 💜

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