Practice Asking: “What if…?”

I used to think…w

what ifI used to think when I was much younger that I was lucky. I also remember having big, bold, audacious dreams. Then…as time passed…my dream circle shrank in size. I became afraid to let my mind expand. I cut off the blood supply to my imagination and entered a room with fifty shades of grey minus the excitement.

This comfort zone is not tiny. It’s filled with fear of judgment…fear of doing it wrong…fear that the idea I’m excited about is dumb…and on and on.

However it’s a new day…and I have decided that I intend to be the kind of person who chases wild dreams…who honors the gift of my ideas…who sets others free by the pain and imperfection of my own life.

I will not live another day in fear of failing and I won’t die an unlived life! The more I truly live…is the more open I will become.

The first step in telling a better story is to ask “What if?”

Today is the day I’m setting myself free and giving birth to my true self! –

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